Thursday, December 5, 2013

my speech

 Amazing weather! Safe living! Little natural disasters! Fun entertainment! What do these things have in common? They are the 4 main ingredients used to make a great city. And what city has all of these traits? Auckland of course! Auckland has nice warm weather, a low crime rate, little natural disasters, and many fun entertainment areas! That is why Auckland is the best city in New Zealand.

First of all their weather is very nice. The average temp is 15.8 degrees. The average yearly rainfall is 1254 mm. So, the weather is fairly warm with nice showers. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too wet not too dry. So, if you have a problem with the weather in your city, then Auckland is the place for you.

The next reason is the safety of Auckland. The crime rate is very low for such a big city. The precent of people who feel unsafe is 48.9, but, the precent of people who feel safe is 51.12. That is pretty good for the biggest city in NZ. Even though the statistics say that Dunedin and Wellington are safer, Auckland is much bigger than they are.

Another reason is the very little natural disasters. There are only minor aftershocks which don't normally affect everyday life. Other than that, there are no other major natural disasters.

The final reason is the great entertainment areas of Auckland. Auckland has 5 main malls and several smaller malls. Auckland also has great tourist attractions. Even though Wellington has more malls, Auckland has many more tourist attractions. Overall, Auckland is the best city in NZ because of its safe and fun environment. It is a great place to live, work and visit.

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